Land House Score

Land and House requirements

July 7, 2023



  1. View:  Great view of the mountains or a water body (ocean, lake or river) and the score increases.
  2. Location:  The closer the proximity to the places we either often need to visit (grocery stores) or need to be close to in case of an emergency (hospital), the higher the score.
  3. Price per acre:  Lower cost means a higher score.
  4. Utilities:  The more utilities available increases the score.  If they’re already connected to an existing structure, the score goes up even further.
  5. Tax rate:  Lower taxes mean a higher score.


  1. Styling:  The higher the cohesive character of the house, the better the score.
  2. Quality:  Everything from the use of structural 2×6 lumber to high quality appliances will increase the score.
  3. Features:  An amazing kitchen, bathroom, or other special room will increase the score.
  4. Price per square foot:  Lower cost means a higher score.
  5. Move in Ready:  Can you move in tomorrow or will it take a month or 12 to update the house, repair serious issues, or build a new house in the case of land that doesn’t yet have a house.  Less time means a higher score.

Land House Score

Add it all up, and you have the Land House Score.  The maximum score for Land is 50, maximum score for a House is 50, and the overall maximum score is 100.

June 30, 2023