Big Land Cheap House

Your resource for finding Big Land and Cheap Houses throughout North America.

We help you find the details of inexpensive, big land for your dream house or an Airbnb. And, we sometimes include a cheap house on the land, so you can either build new or renovate.

So, if you’re looking for big land and a cheap house, we’re the place for you.

Unbiased Information

We are not affiliated with any websites linked to our website and are not affiliated with or receive any type of compensation from land and house sellers or real-estate agents or agencies.

Land and House Requirements

We have a budget and system to share with you that includes the following requirements for the land and houses that we review:

  1. Location:  North America
  2. Land:  20 or more usable acres
  3. Price per acre:  $4,000 or less
  4. House:  $150 per square foot or less
  5. Driving commute time:  Within 60 minutes of a metropolitan area with a hospital, grocery store, high school, and home improvement store (Examples:  Lowes or Home Depot).